Montgomeryshire C.B.A. v

at    B.C. at 2.00pm on Sunday 



 Shaun Tulloch          Don Lewis  
 Elwyn Morgan


     Dave Richards  
 Ben Jones        Craig Bevan  
 Ben Heeraman        Ryan Bevan  

 Reserves: not in order: 

 Dress:- County Shirts & Whites

 Players to report by 1.30pm                                                       

 Any problems please contact Barry Fleming 07708317426



 Montgomeryshire C.B.A Veterans  v South Glamorgan C.B.A.

at Llanbradach B.C. at 2.00pm on Tuesday 24th July 2018

 1st Trevor Owen  C      1st  Roy Phillips  N  
 2nd Kevin Jones  Mc    2nd Mike Evans  K  
 3rd Alwyn Jones  Mc    3rd  Will James  N  
 Skip David Rowlands  Mc    Skip Mike Morgan  C  
 1st  Mike Beloe  Mtg      1st  Mike Flanagan  W  
 2nd Eirian Williams  C    2nd Richard Holden  W  
 3rd  Merfyn Jones  N    3rd  Dave Evans  W  
 Skip Nigel Jones  Ll    Skip Dave Thomas  N  
 1st  Dave Richards  B      1st  John Astley  Mc  
 2nd Brendan Rogers  Mc    2nd John Nutting  C  
 3rd  Graham Morris  Ll    3rd  Huw Jones  C  
 Skip John Mills  Ll    Skip Ritchie Williams  Av  

 Reserves: not in order: Geoff Haycock (B), Austin Pugh (Ll), Dilwyn Edwards (W)

Travel:- Bus; Weslhpool Rly Stn 9.00, Newtown Bus stn, 9.30,Llandinum 9.45. Llanidloes 10-10.15.

Merthyr Tydfil 12.00 (lunch) leave 12.50.

Dress : Whites

All players to report to the Team Manager on arrival no later than 1.30pm

Any problems please contact Mike Beloe 07891942430