Montgomeryshire CBA v Vale of Glamorgan CBA at Machynlleth BC

Sunday July 14th at 2.00pm

  Rink 1 Rink 2 Rink3
Lead R.Morgan (W)  H.Jones (N) F.Watkins(Mt)  
2 D.Price (Mc) G.Williams (Mc)  M.Jones (N) 
3 E.Holt (Mc)  M.Rowlands (Mc) T.Evans(Mc)  
Skip G.Price (Mc) P.Lewis (N)  A.Fleming (Mc) 


  Rink 4 Rink 5 Rink 6
Lead T.Flowers (Mt)  D.Jones (B)  H.Davies (K) 
2 T.Jones (Lc)  A.Taylor (B)  L.Williams (Mt) 
3   A.Hensman(Mc) D.Watkins (Mt)  B.Jones (Mt) 
Skip  B.Evans (Mc)  C.Pryce (B)   J.Edwards (K) 

Rink Fees :- £5

Please contact Andrew reg Shirts on 07791081569





Senior Championship Game

West Glamorgan V Montgomeryshire

At Port Talbot 2.00pm Tuesday 23rd July 2024

Address Ynys Green, Ynys-y-Gored, Port Talbot, SA13 2EB.

Rink Fee £1 (kitty)

Travel expenses will be paid @ £8 per player in each car.



Brian Entwhistle L

Trevor Owen C

Dai Jones B

No 2

Paul Wrathen L

Mike Jones l

John Dowell B

No 3

Graham Morris L

Haydn Jones N

Del Gittins B


Nigel Jones L

Dave Thomas N

John Davies B




Andy Williams L

John Nutting C

Harry Parker G

No 2

John Ducket MA

Paul Beasley N

Rob Done G

No 3

Roger Quilley W

Ivor Walters C

Tony Jones L


Merv Jones N

Huw Jones C

Mike Webster G


If unable to play in either of these fixtures Contact Mike Webster 07971916154, Dave Thomas 07806949548, or Graham Morris 07974466356

Dress Code white trousers or white shorts County Shirts (these will be available to purchase on the day @ £10 if you don’t have one (The county subsides each shirt £15)